Tuesday, January 5, 2010

low down

Lukas is now out of jail on bail in slab city surrounded by loved ones.
He has a court date set up on Thursday in El Centro facing felony drug charges.
The DA decided to file the charges from his arrest 2 years ago, when he was driving the SPAZ bus back to the bay. The Bus was stopped at a border check point where it was searched and Lukas and Vanessa were arrested. Lukas got charged with all the controuband on the bus because he was driving. Vanessa went to immigration prison waited there for over a month until she got deported to France.
He is currently looking to retain a lawyer in the El centro, Imperial county area.
Any help retaining funds for the layer would be greatly appreciated.
We are planning a benefit in the bay area any help on securing a space,
performers, donations for a raffle, art, time and love would be most helpful.

to donate to the defense fund please click the donate button

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