Sunday, March 28, 2010


Throw the hats in the air!!
The two year long battle is over and Lukas is now starting the job of repaying the kind donations.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bear foot Boogie Benefit 1/29/2010

Twin space...SF... Friday the 29th
a DANCEdanceOFFyourPANTS! kind of thing...
featuring badass lineup:
Camillatron and on/DJ SUBJECTIVE... See More
DJ 8 and more...

Silent Art/Date Auction,Bar,BBQ and bears oh my...
let me know if you would like to donate and if you would like to help solicit donations form businesses for the raffle. We also need folks to help set up, break down, and Mann the door.

much love and thanks for supporting the fallen fellows freedom fund...

Friday, January 8, 2010

court news

Lukas had his preliminary court date today. He is still out on bail and has another court date on the 3rd of March. He will be coming home tomorrow, is still able to go to Europe to visit family and is in pretty good spirits. Everything should be sorted out in March. Thanks everyone for your love and support.
stay tuned for the benefits
donate what you can
much love and gratitude

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

lawyers and court

Lukas has court tomorrow. he is retaining a NORML lawyer in Palm springs and is costing $7,500. He has high hopes that it will all be done after tomorrow. his physic fax is on and ready to receive your hopeful thoughts and team spirit. RAHrahRAH
thanks to everyone who has donated so far. we still have a long way to go before covering the lawyer and bail money. If this lawyer was not retained he would have to go with the public deffender and at best would get probation for a year and a half, drug classes and UA's and a hefty fine. The NORML lawyer has great optimism that this will all be over tomorrow.

thanks for you love and support!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Amnesia the Bar!!

Our good ol' boys at Amnesia have arranged for 10% of their Sunday, January 17th sales to go to the cause!!! Come one come all and support both Lukas and his struggle and Marcus and his struggle!! Enjoy great friends and great music! The Dust Bowl Revival and Kally Price will spill their musical guts as we drink our way to a mutual goal!!! See you there!

Amnesia the Bar!!

low down

Lukas is now out of jail on bail in slab city surrounded by loved ones.
He has a court date set up on Thursday in El Centro facing felony drug charges.
The DA decided to file the charges from his arrest 2 years ago, when he was driving the SPAZ bus back to the bay. The Bus was stopped at a border check point where it was searched and Lukas and Vanessa were arrested. Lukas got charged with all the controuband on the bus because he was driving. Vanessa went to immigration prison waited there for over a month until she got deported to France.
He is currently looking to retain a lawyer in the El centro, Imperial county area.
Any help retaining funds for the layer would be greatly appreciated.
We are planning a benefit in the bay area any help on securing a space,
performers, donations for a raffle, art, time and love would be most helpful.

to donate to the defense fund please click the donate button